About Us

Back in 2018, we saw a gap in the Connected Living industry – too much guesswork, too many average results. We envisioned being a beacon for the smart home technology industry – to champion and grow it, lighting the way for others with bold and innovative marketing solutions.

From this, Beacon sparked into life. Ever since, we’ve been proving that the best way to market anything is to tell its story, and that success and creativity can go hand in hand with staying true to your values.

Today, Beacon is an all-in-one, full-service digital marketing agency for home and living brands. Unlike your run-of-the-mill agency, we’re not just B2B or B2C; we embrace both, as well as the trickier terrain of B2B2C.

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Why we do it

Global smart home giants, luxury furniture brands, as well as emerging start-ups and charities within our local community – all are rendered speechless by results (though we’ve managed to coax a few testimonials from them). 

Bringing together media gurus, creative geniuses, and forward-thinking data specialists, we offer a wide range of tailored digital marketing services – from complete annual marketing plans to laser-focused campaigns and the setup of pro installation communities – to grow your business through marketing performance. And with our annual research surveys, we are constantly in tune with industry trends and buyer behaviour, to help you shine brightly in a crowded market.

It’s not about vanity metrics, it’s about measurable impact and growth.

It’s about making a real difference.